Awesome Ideas

We are always thinking up new ways to make a living. Some of our blog posts will contain the flashes of light, that come to us in the middle of the night. We can’t do it all, so we’ll be sharing some of our ideas here.

Brainstorming Session

We intend to spread the details of our brainstorming sessions on this blog, in hopes to help spur an idea in your head that could help explode your business. Stay tuned in to our blog posts, it only one good idea to hit six figures per year.


People Helping People

If just one person gets an idea from one of our blog posts, we have done our job. Helping others is what makes our world work. Share your knowledge, trust me there is enough business to go around, you’ve got to give in order to receive.

Be a mentor. As a #smallbusiness owner it is your duty to encourage #entrepreneurship. #smallbusinessrevolution

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Travel – See the World

You may also see a blog post highlighting one of our many excursions. We love to travel and explore this beautiful earth we live on. There is so much to see, our intentions are to spend a week or two out of every month traveling. We’ll be sure to blog about that too!!

Ranger hogan at Keet Seel (solar)